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Properties in Washington: Donald Trump opened a hotel near the White House
United States presidential candidate Donald Trump in Monday opened the doors of the last property acquisition in its portfolio - a luxury hotel in a historic building located just 5 blocks from the White House. This luxury hotel property has been in the repair of two years, which cost 200 million dollars.

And while the team at Trump International Hotel, which has 263 rooms, planned to arrange a small preliminary party, about 40 protesters gathered in front of the building against the presidential campaign of the tycoon from New York. The opening of the hotel comes just eight weeks before the November 8 elections, informs Reuters.

"It all fits his personality - located on Pennsylvania Avenue, in one way or another", said 70-year-old Judy Byron, one of the protesters.
The hotel with apartments priced from 20 thousand dollars per night is on the same street as the White House, about a mile from it. It is located in the third tallest building in Washington – in the old post office, built in 1899.

Trump said in Twitter that he visited the building to "thank all the great men and women for their hard work".

Dozens of people gathered at the hotel in the Monday afternoon. Some in order to get a glimpse of it, while others – to enjoy a drink in the hotel bar.

Trump's daughter Ivanka, who helped in the negotiations with the American Government about the 60-year lease and oversaw the renovation and redesign of the building, noted that the project was completed a year earlier and with a smaller budget than planned.

"We present this hotel not only as the best in the capital, but also in the country," she said.

The ceremonial opening of the luxurious hotel property in Washington, owned by Trump, is scheduled for the next month.

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